Hakko Salt's "Shio Shiruko Sando" (Salt Shiruko Sando)

Matsunaga Seika Shio Shiruko Sando Shiruko Sand

o Graduates Shiruko Sando will release Shio Shiruko Sando and Shiruko Sando Graduates, limited time offerings of the popular Shiruko Sando product that has been on sale for over half a century. The release date is May 15. The content is 65g (2.29oz) and the estimated price is 162 yen (tax included).



Sando This popular annual flavor has been available only during this season for five consecutive years since its first appearance in 2019. The gentle sweetness of the shiruko sandwiches and the crisp flavor and exquisite saltiness of Hakko salt create a delicious taste that keeps your hands busy.

Hakko Salt's "Shio Shiruko Sando" (Salt Shiruko Sando)

Shiruko Sando Graduates Lemon

This is the first time this year that this limited time flavor has appeared in the half-century history of the beloved

shiruko sando

. Enjoy the unexpected marriage of anko (red bean paste) and Setouchi lemon juice, the gentle sweetness of Shiruko Sando with the aroma and refreshing taste of Setouchi lemons, a flavor perfect for this time of year.

Shiruko Sando Graduates" by Setouchi Lemon

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iruko Sandwich Shiruko Sandwich, launched in 1966, has been popular among many consumers, including those in Aichi Prefecture, its hometown, since its launch.