Matsunaga Seika "Shiruko Sand Butter

Shiruko Sando

New Standard Flavor

Matsunaga Seika will release "Shiruko Sando Butter" as a new standard flavor of the popular Shiruko Sando series. The release date is March 20. The content is 85g (3oz) and the price is 194 yen per bag (including tax, the same below).

Shiruko Sand


"Shiruko Sand Butter" is a butter flavor of Shiruko Sandwich. The dough is richly kneaded with Japanese butter and baked to a savory aroma. The aroma of butter is irresistible (7.1% domestic butter is used).

Matsunaga Seika "Shiruko Sand Butter

On the same day, "Keema Curry Flavor" and "Cheese Takkarbi Flavor" seasoned crackers and the popular Shiruko Sando Cracker 4-row type will also be sold as part of the Banguoku Ajihaku series.

The "Bankoku

Ajihaku Keema Curry Flavor

" crackers are a representation of Indian keema curry, a favorite of men and women of all ages. The spicy flavor will keep you coming back for more. The product contains 30 grams and is priced at 162 yen.

Banguo Ajihaku Keema Curry Flavor

Cheese Takkarbi Flavor

A cracker version of Cheese Takkarbi, a popular Korean dish. The rich, tangy, sweet and spicy taste of cheese is addictive (5.0% cheese). The contents are 30g (1.06oz) and the estimated price is 162 yen.

Banguo Ajihaku Cheese Takkarbi Flavor

Shiruko Sando Crackers 4-Row

Shiruko Sando Crackers 4-row type (18g (0.63oz) x 4-row). Assumed price: 183 yen.