Minamoto Kitchoan "Momowaka Hime
(*The source of the image is the official website of Soke Minamoto Kitchoan)

Soke Minamoto Kitchoan "Momowaka Hime

Soke Minamoto no Kitchoan has announced on their official website that they have launched a new Japanese confectionary called "Momowaka Hime", which is made from whole domestic green peaches, and will be available for a limited time until early May.

It is one of Minamoto Kitchoan's "Nature" series. Green peaches, young peaches with concentrated flavor, are boiled in honey and wrapped in white peach-flavored peach bean paste and transparent rice cake.

The green peach flavor is accentuated by the cool rice cake and the sweet red bean paste with a hint of white peach flavor. The calorie count is 126kcal per piece.

It is available at the official online shop. It is also available at the official online store. You can order single items or sets of multiple items. Please note that single items cannot be wrapped or gift wrapped. The prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Single item: 378 yen
6 pieces: 2,376 yen
8 pieces: 3,240 yen
12 pieces 4,860 yen
16 pieces: 6,480 yen

The online store charges a separate delivery fee. However, shipping is free for orders of 9,200 yen or more per delivery.