Chateraise "Kaga stick roasted tea torte"
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Summary of Chateraise's new sweets! "Kaga stick roasted tea torte" "crepe o fluy decoration" "fruit-filled short decoration" "roasted sweet potato mochi".

Kaga stick roasted tea torte

A Japanese-style torte cake where you can fully enjoy the fragrant roasted green tea. A sponge with a soft texture and a gentle scent of Kaga Hojicha is combined with Hokkaido azuki bean Amanatto, a bittersweet roasted green tea leaf cream, and rich Gorojima Kintoki bean paste as an accent to the texture. The price is 320 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Kaga stick roasted tea torte"

Crepe of Fruy decoration

You can feel the good combination of egg-flavored crepe skin, sandwiched cream that melts in the mouth, and fruitiness. It is gorgeously finished using colorful fruits of red (strawberry), yellow (mango), and green (kiwifruit). A juicy decoration cake with layers of crepe skin, sponge and fruits. The price is 2,700 yen.

Chateraise "Crepe of Fruy Decoration"

Fruit-filled short decoration

A gorgeous decoration cake with colorful fruits decorated in three dimensions. With a moist sponge, whipped cream and pear syrup, yellow peach syrup, and strawberries were sandwiched and decorated with colorful fruits and chocolate. The price is 2,400 yen.

Chateraise "Fruit-filled short decoration"

Roasted sweet potato mochi

Dango dough colored yellow using in-house milled domestic rice is fragrantly baked, and home-cooked bean paste using Hokkaido azuki beans and Kanro-ni of Kintoki when chopped into small pieces are sandwiched. When it comes to it, the feeling of warmth and natural sweetness of Kintoki spreads in your mouth. Prices start from 120 yen per piece.

Chateraise "Baked Sweet Potato"