GONCHA "Gigutto Peach Milk Tea" and "Gigutto Peach Frozen Tea

Gong cha will release two limited-time menu items, "Gigutto Peach Milk Tea" and "Gigutto Peach Frozen Tea," on July 14.

Gyugyutto Peach Milk Tea

Gigutto Peach Frozen Tea

This summer, GONCHA proposes a tea menu that combines the popular summer fruit "peach" with a special jasmine green tea base, which is made by layering layers of green tea and jasmine flowers to create an aroma. Three kinds of peaches are lavishly used: fresh Yamanashi white peach sauce, rich and fragrant Goncha's original yellow peach sauce, and peach jelly with a delightful plump texture. The fresh and juicy taste of the peaches is packed into the jellied peach sauce.

The lineup includes "Giggly Peach Milk Tea," in which you can enjoy the flavor of tea and the jelly's plump texture, and "Giggly Peach Frozen Tea," in which you can enjoy the change in texture of "plump, crispy, and smooth. The two different tastes and the sparkling coloring will liven up any summer scene.

The peach jellied peach flavor with a plump texture is a perfect match for Goncha's signature teas, including milk tea. It can be added as a topping to all drinks, including hot ones. The price is 90 yen (tax included).