"Oatmeal mushroom cream" "Oatmeal mellow chicken" "Oatmeal Kishu plum"

Asahimatsu Foods will release "Oatmeal Mushroom Cream," "Oatmeal Mellow Chicken," and "Oatmeal Kishu Ume," which can be eaten simply by adding hot water and mixing. The price is open.

Oatmeal is a popular breakfast staple in the United States. Due to heightened health awareness in Japan, demand for oatmeal, which is richer in dietary fiber, protein, minerals and other nutrients than polished rice, is rapidly expanding.

Transition graph of the purchase price of oat milk

Since conventional oatmeal has been negatively heard by consumers that it takes time to cook and it is difficult to season, it was developed as an instant cup type product that eliminates the time and effort required for cooking. It's perfect for breakfast when you don't have time but want to eat well, lunch at the office, or dinner on a late work day.

Three flavors, Japanese and Western, are available to make it easier to incorporate into your daily diet. "Oatmeal mushroom cream" has a rich taste with a scent of mushrooms, "Oatmeal mellow chicken" has a gentle taste with richness, and "Oatmeal Kishu Ume" has a refreshing taste with plum and sardines.

"Oatmeal mushroom cream" "Oatmeal mellow chicken" "Oatmeal Kishu plum"