Ginza Senbiya "Snow Trifle"
(* All images are from Ginza Senbiya)

Limited quantity sweets "Snow Trifle" of "Ginza Senbiya" and "Patisserie Ginza Senbiya" are announced on the official website. A dish that combines various fruits and various sweets. It is on sale for a limited time until January 31st.

The selling price is 702 yen (tax included). Grapefruit, orange, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry and plenty of fruit are used, and jelly, sponge cake, and pistachio cream are layered.

Ginza Senbiya "Snow Trifle"

Each time you eat, you can enjoy a different taste. It is said that sales may end as soon as each store reaches the fixed number. The stores are as follows.

・ GINZA SEMBIKIYA Ginza Main Store 1F Fruit Shop ・ GINZA SEMBIKIYA Shinjuku Store (Keio Department Store, Goodwill Street)
・ Ginza Senbiya Tsukiji Store ・ Patisserie Ginza Senbiya Ecute Akabane Store ・ Patisserie Ginza Senbiya GINZA SIX Store ・ New Style Ginza Senbiya Roppongi Hills Store ・ Patisserie Ginza Senbiya Tokyo Gift Palette Store