Spring full bloom Sakura curry

The pink retort curry "Spring Full Bloom Sakura Curry" with the image of "cherry blossoms" will be on sale from January 19th for a limited number of 3,600 meals. Available at Yokosuka Navy Canteen (Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping), Lusca Atami, Shin Tomei Expressway up and down line PA shop, etc.

"Spring full bloom Sakura curry" was developed by Seasoning Trading Co., Ltd., which develops local curry and sweets in Kanagawa, centering on Yokosuka Navy curry, in response to requests from customers that they want to eat curry other than Yokosuka Navy curry. A medium-spicy curry with the motif of "sakura", which has been loved in Japan for a long time.

Based on the flavorful white curry of coconut milk, the roux is finished in a gorgeous cherry color. Cherry blossom petals (processed) are blended for flavoring. The rich buttery spiciness is mellow, and the ingredients are a combination of large-cut domestic potatoes and carrots. Meat is an unused vegetable curry. It goes well with pasta and bread.

200g (7.05oz) x 1 pack, price is 594 yen (tax included). On the back of the package, various varieties of Japanese cherry blossoms are introduced.

Spring full bloom Sakura curry
Package front (left) and back (right)