IKEA "Halloween Fair"
"Halloween Fair" is being held at IKEA until October 31st

"Halloween fairs" are being held at each IKEA store (except for IKEA Nagakute and IKEA Touchpoint Kumamoto). For a limited time until October 31, a "black menu" that can only be eaten now has appeared.

The "New Ninja Dog" (180 yen) is on sale at the 1st floor bistro. It is a hot dog using 5 colors of buns such as black, green and pink. Look forward to which color you win.

The 2nd floor IKEA restaurant offers black curry "Black Curry" (329 yen), black and white cinnamon rolls "Black Cinnamon Rolls" (199 yen), and "Black Basil Toast" (120 yen).

In addition, at the Swedish Food Market on the 1st floor, "Pumpkin for decoration" (200 yen) and "Pick & Mix (sold by weight of sweets)" (1g (0.04oz) from 3 yen), which can be packed with colorful gummies, are also on sale.

Why don't you pick up a playful Halloween menu?