"Kaki butter" sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii"
Do you want to excavate rough diamond gourmet food?

The "There is something like this! Grand Prize" was held again this year to discover the hidden rough diamond gourmet and decide the No. 1. In 2017, the future star products selected by local newspapers nationwide are ... Ehime's "Pestle Mochi Curry"!

I got the real thing to see how delicious it is to be selected from 35,000 (!) Entry products, so I tried it! Going back further, I also got the 2016/2015 Grand Prize winning products "Kaki Butter" and "Pink Soy Sauce", so I will review them as well!

● 2017 Grand Prize "Curry with pestle"
First of all, this year's award-winning product, "Pestle Mochi Curry" from Ehime Prefecture (480 yen plus tax).

"Mochi curry with pestle" from Ehime prefecture

A collaboration between the rice cake with a pestle from "Inekobo Scarecrow", which uses 100% glutinous rice from Ozu, and the handmade curry from the restaurant "Bistro San Marche" in Ozu City. It's not rice, it's a dish that you have curry entwined with mochi.

As it is a retort, just warm it with hot water as it is in the pouch. Open it on a plate and you're done. It's easy because you don't have to cook rice!

"Mochi curry with pestle" from Ehime prefecture
The mochi is sitting in the middle.

The mochi attached with a pestle is sticky and fluffy! By warming it, it becomes soft to the trottro. The texture of the tongue, which has a slight graininess, is like eating freshly made.

"Mochi curry with pestle" from Ehime prefecture
Scoop up and grow forever

Curry has a deep taste that makes you feel the depth, like a bouillon made by boiling various vegetables. I don't think the spice that remains in the mouth is a retort pouch! The ingredients are small and fine, so they are often entwined with the mochi along with the roux. The mochi becomes harder over time, so be sure to eat it while it's sticky!

This product can be purchased at bistro San Marche stores, roadside stations in Ehime prefecture, as well as online shopping sites.

● 2016 Grand Prize "Persimmon Butter"
Next, the 2016 award-winning product, "Kaki Butter" (648 yen including tax) sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii" in Nara Prefecture. It is a product created by adding value to locally produced "scratched persimmons" that are traded cheaply.

"Kaki butter" sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii"

Ripe persimmon paste and persimmon dice with a remaining texture are carefully boiled down and finished with rich domestic butter.

"Kaki butter" sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii"
Can you convey the fiber feeling of persimmon?

The recommended way to eat it is to make a cut in the bread and toast it, and when it gets a little browned, take it out once and add plenty of persimmon butter. And it is "Kaki Butter Toast" which is baked twice with a toaster again.

"Kaki butter" sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii"

With butter as a medium, the ripe sweetness of the persimmon spreads smoothly over the fragrant bread. Uh ... good! The slightly salty taste of butter also enhances the sweetness of the persimmon, making it a good job!

"Kaki butter" sold by the persimmon specialty store "Ishii"
The edges of the bread are crispy, and the persimmon butter is soft and mellow.

The crisp texture of persimmon and the melting and spreading of the mouth coexist. It has a fresh scent and no fishy or green odor, and it has a sweet but refreshing aftertaste, so it is not too much to put on.

A dish you want to add to the fruit butter lineup introduced the other day. You can purchase it on the official online shopping site of Ishii.

● 2015 Grand Prize "Pink Soy Sauce"
The award-winning product in 2015 is "Pink Soy Sauce Hana Kijo" from Tottori Prefecture. It is sold by Brilliant Associates, which develops vivid pink foods using "red beets" harvested in the prefecture.

"Pink Soy Sauce Hana Lady" from Tottori Prefecture

Pink soy sauce colored with red beets with dried bonito flakes and kelp soup stock. It's a little thick.

"Pink soy sauce flower lady" from Tottori prefecture

It makes me feel like I've put something in my mouth that I shouldn't eat because of the color, but the taste is certainly soy sauce, so it's okay to eat it. It has a slight sweetness and a surprisingly deep taste. It's thick, so it's often entwined with sashimi!

"Pink soy sauce flower lady" from Tottori prefecture
Also for sashimi

"Pink soy sauce flower lady" from Tottori prefecture

If you casually add it to your usual dishes, the table will be gorgeous at once. You can arrange it for simmered dishes, somen noodles, carpaccio, mitarashi dango, etc.

"Pink soy sauce flower lady" from Tottori prefecture
For a little surprise production!

In addition to the official online shopping site, you can purchase it on Amazon and Rakuten. The container is available in 5 different designs, and the price varies depending on each capacity.