BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Chocolat Ya"

New chocolates from BEL AMER Kyoto Villa. You can also purchase at the official online shop or at the department store exhibition hall (the period varies depending on the store).

Mizuho no Shizuku Premium

A chocolate made by putting smooth ganache in chocolate that looks like a box and pouring jelly made from domestic ingredients. You can enjoy the selection of materials and chocolate mariage. The price is 2,000 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Mizuho no Shizuku Premium"

・ Toyoku Junmai Ginjo
A combination of Toyohan Junmai Ginjo Toyohan Rice 55 and milk chocolate ganache from Miura Sake Brewery in Aomori Prefecture. The gentle, swelling taste of sake mixes with the soft-tasting milk chocolate.

・ Wazuka Matcha
White chocolate ganache and bitter chocolate are filled with matcha jelly from Wazuka, which is a famous production area of Uji matcha.

・ Sato Nishiki
The cherry "Sato Nishiki" from Yamagata Prefecture is used as a jelly and is poured into ruby chocolate, which is characterized by its naturally derived pink color and refreshing acidity. A ruby chocolate ganache is hidden inside to create a marriage of ruby chocolate and "Sato Nishiki", which has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

・ Reizan Junmai Ginjo
"Reizan Junmai Ginjo" from Yamamura Sake Brewery in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is made with high quality natural water and environment, is characterized by a refreshing taste due to moderate aging. Milk chocolate ganache and bitter chocolate are combined.

Petit Chocolat

Assort a gorgeous mini tablet in a palm-sized can. There are three types: "Yuzu" with a refreshing scent, "Matcha" with a bittersweet habit, and "Brown sugar" with a fragrant scent. The price is 1,000 yen each.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Petit Chocolat"

Stick chocolate

Chocolate with a stick that has a nice and light texture. Five types of "basic" containing corn flakes, biscuits, nuts, etc., five types of "tea praline" that combines domestic tea with praline, five types of "patisserie" that expresses cake with chocolate, and "strawberry caramel" for a limited time All 16 types that have been added will be lined up at the store. The price is 500 yen each.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Stick Chocolat"

We also have a lineup of assortments that combine the popular chocolates "Mizuho no Shizuku" and "Chocolat Ya" with the limited-time stick chocolate "Strawberry Caramel". The price is 1,400 yen for S size and 2,600 yen for L size.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Stick Chocolat Assortment"

Mizuho's drop

A specialty of Kyoto Villa, where carefully selected Japanese ingredients such as sake, fruits, and tea are poured into a chocolate that looks like a box. There are 3 types of 5 pieces: sake, tea, domestic fruits and honey. The price is 1,500 yen for 5 pieces, 2,900 yen for 10 pieces, and 4,200 yen for 15 pieces.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Mizuho no Shizuku"

Chocolat Ya

Chocolat that combines Japanese and Western ingredients in one grain. Also pay attention to the illustrations that express the changes of the four seasons unique to Japan. Prices start at 1,200 yen for 4 pieces.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Chocolat Ya"

Tablet chocolate

A chocolate with a hexagonal motif that has been loved since ancient times in Japan. The "Fruit Series" topped with carefully selected fruits from all over Japan, such as Amaotome Strawberries from Ehime Prefecture and the white peaches from Nagano Prefecture, and the "Praline Series" accented with Japanese materials such as Japanese pepper and yuzu are available. .. The price is 900 yen each.

BEL AMER Kyoto Villa "Tablet Chocolat"