"CINNABON Net Shop" resumed for a limited time

Cinnabon's online shopping "CINNABON Net Shop" has been reopened. Available for a limited time until March.

Those that appeared for a limited time in the spring and autumn of 2020. This time as well, coffee and goods will be handled, including the classic cinnamon rolls "Cinnabon Classic" and "Minibon Classic".

In addition to this, you can choose the "Great Value Cinnabon Set", which is an assortment of 4 Cinnabon Classics and 6 Minibon Classics, and the "Great Value Family Set", which also includes 2 types of coffee drip bags. The lineup and selling price are as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Cinnabon Classic (4 pieces) 1,920 yen ・ Minibon Classic (6 pieces) 1,920 yen ・ Cinnabon set 3,360 yen ・ Family set 4,900 yen ・ Seattle's Best Coffee coffee beans 1,210 yen ・ Seattle's Best Coffee Drip bag 840 yen, Cinnabon store manager cap 2,360 yen

All cinnamon rolls arrive by frozen delivery. A separate shipping fee will be charged for both.