"Omamoricha" as a small gift

From "Ousama no Oyatsu", a small gift "Omamoricha" with a message of green tea in a talisman-shaped package is on sale. The price is 190 yen (tax included). There is also a 15-piece set that is great for bulk purchases.

"Omamoricha" is a small gift of Japanese tea in a small "amulet-shaped" box with a message. It is a small handout item that looks cute in a package with a string attached like an amulet. There are three types of messages.

Two green tea bags are included. Comes in a highly storable aluminum bag. In addition, the tea bag is a triangular tetra type that makes it easy for tea leaves to spread. A tea bag that you can easily put in, perfect for situations where you want to hand it over without hesitation.

You can choose from three types of messages: "Thank you for your help," "I'm really happy," and "Thank you always." A package with a message and a matching color string. I want to support you in a small way, and I want to thank you. It is designed in the shape of an amulet so that you can casually produce such feelings.