Carre de Chocolat [Pistachio]

From Morinaga's "Care de Chocolat" series, "Care de Chocolat [Pistachio]" will be released on January 12th. The estimated price is 370 yen (excluding tax) for 18 pieces. Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

"Care de Chocolat" is Morinaga's chocolate series, which is said to be "the finished form of chocolate." It is made with attention to detail such as raw materials, manufacturing method, and packaging form so that you can fully enjoy the scent and melting in the mouth.

Introducing this time is a pistachio chocolate called "Queen of Nuts". Recently, many sweets have been put on the market, and specialty stores have opened, making it a popular flavor.

"Care de Chocolat [Pistachio]" is a full-fledged chocolate made by carefully roasting white chocolate and kneading flavorful pistachios. You can feel the elegant taste and aroma of pistachio to the end, and enjoy the elegant finish. Recommended as a reward chocolate for yourself during Valentine's Day.

The package is based on pistachio color and has a stylish design with beautifully arranged chocolate. It has a special feeling and gorgeousness that is perfect for the Valentine's season.