Nenrin Family "De La Chocolat Ginza" Valentine's Day Limited

"De la Chocolat Ginza" will be released on January 12th from "Nenrinya" as a limited edition item for Valentine's Day. The price is 1,400 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until around February 18th.

"Nenrinya", which has its main store in Ginza, will have "De la Chocolat Ginza" baked in Ginza quality for a limited time. Also available at the official online shop.

・ Melt a mellow hazelnut chocolate!
The dough is "Mount Balm Brownie", which is baked only in winter by the Nenrin family. It is a proud dish that has been carefully baked for a long time by kneading "100 years cocoa" from Ferklin, Switzerland, which has been passed down for a century, and "cocoa mass", which can be said to be the best of chocolate.

"De la Chocolat Ginza" is a luxuriously sprinkled hazelnut chocolate with a mellow scent that is roasted with the skin on top. In addition, dress up like Valentine's Day with crispy pearl chocolate! "Baumkuchen chocolate terrine" with umami overflowing from the cut. Slice it thinly and enjoy the rich and melty taste.