"Seasonal soft serve ice cream mix Sakura" Elegant flavor with scent of cherry blossoms

Nissei, a comprehensive soft-serve ice cream maker, will release "Seasonal Soft-serve Ice Cream Mix Sakura" as a spring staple item.

"Seasonal soft serve ice cream mix Sakura" is a soft serve ice cream with an elegant flavor that has a scent of cherry blossoms mixed with finely ground cherry leaves. It was developed with reference to traditional Japanese sweets that use "salted cherry leaves".

A product with a long history that has been on sale for a limited time in the spring for 13 years from 2007 to the present. Speaking of soft serve ice cream, milk and chocolate flavors were the standard, but Sakura flavor has become a new standard because it has been accepted by the market with many repeats from stores in famous cherry blossom areas.

・ What is "seasonal soft serve"?
We select flavors that match the season and sell them for a limited time in each season. We are also developing rare items such as fruit-based items, Western confectionery-based items, and beverage-based items, and the lineup has a lot of topicality and impact.

"Seasonal soft serve ice cream mix Sakura" is great for Sakura flavor lovers. It looks like you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing ♪