Akagi Nyugyo "Sof' Amao Strawberry & Condensed Milk

Akagi Nyugyo Sof' New Product

Akagi Nyugyo will release a new product "Sof' Amao Strawberry & Condensed Milk". It will go on sale on November 29. It has 177 kcal, 150 ml capacity, and an estimated price of 162 yen (tax included). The product will be sold nationwide.

The "


'" series, created in the spring of 2017, is an ice cream cup featuring only the delicious "top" part of soft-serve ice cream. The new "Sof' Amaou Strawberry & Condensed Milk" uses juice from Fukuoka Prefecture's Amaou strawberries, allowing customers to enjoy the mellow sweetness and sourness of Amaou strawberries.

Also, by using condensed milk produced in Hokkaido, the strawberry ice cream has a deep taste as if the strawberries are poured with condensed milk. Enjoy it when strawberries are in season.

Sof' Amaou Strawberry & Condensed Milk" allows you to enjoy seasonal strawberries only on top of soft serve ice cream. Sof' series fans and strawberry flavor lovers should check it out. Why not pick one up when you see it?