For a limited time "-196 ℃ Strong Zero [whole white grape]"

Suntory Spirits will release "-196 ℃ Strong Zero [Marugoto White Grape]" on March 2nd. For a limited time. 350 ml is 141 yen, 500 ml is 191 yen (excluding tax). Alcohol content is 9%.

"-196 ℃ Strong Zero" is a popular series of canned chu-hi that goes well with meals. For a firm drink and fruit taste, zero purines (less than 0.5 mg per 100 ml is defined as "zero purines") and zero sugars (based on food labeling standards, less than 0.5 g per 100 ml is defined as "zero sugars". You can enjoy it.

"-196 ℃ Strong Zero [whole white grape]" is a cup of white grape soaked liquor with the original "-196 ℃ manufacturing method" and fruit juice. It features a fresh taste unique to white grapes and a powerful drink with an alcohol content of 9%. The package is a large illustration of the fruit, expressing the characteristic "fruitiness of the whole white grape".

From the popular Strong Zero series, "-196 ℃ Strong Zero [whole white grape]" is now available! This is a limited-time product, so if you are interested, please check it out as soon as possible.