Suntory "-196°C Strong Zero [Mikan & Iyokan]".

Suntory will release "-196°C Strong Zero [Mikan & Iyokan]". It will go on sale on November 29. The alcohol content is 9%. The price is 148 yen for a 350 ml can and 200 yen for a 500 ml can (both excluding tax).

-196℃ Strong Zero [Mikan & Iyokan

Suntory's proprietary "-196℃" method of macerating mandarin oranges and adding Iyokan fruit juice. The drink is characterized by its robust fruity taste and 9% alcohol content. The package depicts an illustration of fresh mandarin oranges and Iyokan citrus to express the characteristics of the flavor. The background of a winter night sky and the words "winter only" emphasize the fact that this is a flavor that can only be enjoyed now.

-196℃ Strong Zero

-196℃ Strong Zero" is a popular canned chu-hi that goes well with meals. It offers a robust, fruity taste with zero purine (less than 0.5mg per 100ml (3.38us fl oz) is considered "purine-free") and zero sugar (less than 0.5g (0.18oz) per 100ml (3.38us fl oz) is considered "sugar-free" in accordance with food labeling standards).