"Teshioya Dashi Umemi" for a limited time

Kameda Seika will release "8 pieces of Teshioya Dashi Umemi" on January 11th. Limited time until the end of July. The estimated price is around 200 yen (excluding tax).

Since its debut in 2015, it has been on sale for a limited time, but since there were many requests for resale, it will be released this year as well. Introducing "Dashi Umemi", which brings out the flavor of plums from Teshioya's dashi.

"Teshioya Dashi Umemi" uses dried plum meat of the special "ripe plum" that is harvested after it is fully ripe among the Nanko plums produced in Kishu, Wakayama prefecture. The soup stock and the secret flavor of kelp, which are unique to Teshioya, enhance the taste of plum blossoms.

The dough, which is carefully finished one by one, does not have the same shape as one, and is finished in various textures with a crisp texture. A tasty rice cracker with a harmonious combination of dashi plum flavor and batter that has been baked.

If you like plum flavor, you should try Kameda Seika "8 pieces Teshioya Dashi Umemi". It looks good with tea. If you are interested, why not take it in your hand?