Lawson "Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Tiramisu"

At each Lawson store, "Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Melting Chocolat Terrine" and "Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Meku Tiramisu" will be released on December 25th as "petit luxury" sweets that are particular about texture and ingredients. .. The price is 270 yen each (tax included).

In order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, it is said that the style will be different from usual, such as refraining from going out and avoiding gatherings with a large number of people, this year's year-end and New Year holidays. The products introduced this time were developed with the desire to make you feel as happy and radiant as possible.

"Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Melting Chocolate Terrine" is a chocolate terrine made by combining three types of chocolate with different cacao content and fresh cream to spread the cacao feeling. By boiling in hot water at a low temperature, the moisture in the terrine does not escape, and the texture is moist and smooth.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Melting Chocolat Terrine"

"Uchi Cafe Specialite Snowy Tiramisu" is a tiramisu where you can enjoy creams with different textures in the upper and lower layers. Tiramisu cream, which is a trolley of fresh cream and mascarpone, is topped with biscuits pickled in syrup of deep roasted coffee, and fluffy mascarpone whipped cream with meringue is layered. Released on December 26th in the Okinawa area.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Specialite Snow Tiramisu"