Yaokin "Umaemon's Adventure Dagashi Puzzle"

"Umaemon's Adventure Puzzle", a puzzle game for smartphones featuring the character of "Umaibo", has been released in Japan. It was designed by Yaokin, who develops Umaibo.

The content is that the Umaibo character "Umaemon" travels in the world of sweets. A reimported game that has already been distributed overseas. It is a genre that has been established under the name of merge game.

The basis of the game is to change to different types by combining the same types of sweets that appear. While being careful not to exceed the time limit, we will quickly provide the sweets that customers want in the game and earn points by getting gratitude. The response to the movement of the head and fingers has been set out.

In addition, a ranking function is provided, and one user who wins the top every month can get a real candy set.

The game is free to download and install. You can play for free, but additional items will be charged.