Hamazushi "Amazing! Extreme! Delicious! Luxury! (Soooooo delicious) Festival"

At each Hamazushi store, the "Amazing! Extreme! Delicious! Luxury! (Sugoku Umaize) Festival" will be held from December 24th. A collection of gorgeous stories and sweets.

At this fair, we have a rich lineup of popular high-class fish and high-quality material for the year-end and New Year holidays. Including "Hon-tuna Nakatoro", which is characterized by its greasy and melty mouthfeel, "Kanemedai", which has an elegant taste, "Grilled Nodoguro", which is even more delicious when roasted, and "Raw", which you can enjoy the unique flavor of raw "Honzuwai Gani" (150 yen each, all tax excluded) is available.

In addition, from the "Consistent of Bliss" series with the concept of "I want to make people happy with the material that I can not usually taste", "Grilled sirloin grip" that savoryly roasted fine marbled A5 Japanese black beef and "Mediterranean" full of rich flavor "Sanmoto Tuna Daitoro" will be on sale in limited quantities. The price is 280 yen per plate.

Two items have also appeared from "Hama Cafe Lab" where employees who like sweets research and develop new sweets that have never been seen in Hamazushi. The "rich chocolate parfait" (380 yen), which uses chocolate ice cream, gateau chocolate, and chocolate pudding, which are perfect for after-dinner and cafe time, and the "tiramisu" (260 yen), where you can enjoy the rich taste of mascarpone, will be on sale.