Cafe Comsa New Year Cake

New Year's limited "New Year cakes" will be sold at each Cafe Comsa store. The reservation period is from December 26th to January 8th. Limited cakes that can be eaten in the store will also be on sale from December 28th.

Cafe Comsa's New Year Cake

A cake with the image of a gorgeous New Year's red and white with strawberries and pears. Kadomatsu is expressed with the decoration kiwi, and Kagami mochi is expressed with fresh cream. Custard cream is used for the base.

・ 12cm size (for 2 to 3 people): 3,500 yen ・ 15cm size (for 4 to 5 people): 6,000 yen Reservation period: December 26th to January 8th Delivery period: December 28th to January 11th

Eat-in limited New Year cake

Cafe Comsa New Year Cake

・ 1 piece: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen for Ginza store)
・ 1 hall: 10,000 yen / Ginza store: 11,000 yen * Ginza store uses Tochiotome strawberry from Tochigi and pear from Yamagata prefecture "La France" * Shibuya Seibu store, Honkawakoshi Pepe store, Takasaki Opa store Different designs, 1 piece 750 yen, 1 hole 6,750 yen Deployment period: December 28-January 11

* All listed prices include tax * Reservations can be made at the store or by phone at each store