KALDI "Cava Poema Ice (white and sparkling)" purchase and receive a free wine glass

Starting August 1, KALDI Coffee Farm is running a campaign in which customers who purchase the sparkling wine "Cava Poema Ice (white, sparkling)" will receive an original wine glass as a present.

Cava Poema Ice (white and sparkling)

Cava Poema Ice (white, sparkling) is a sparkling wine made exclusively for ice. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh white peaches, pears, and green apples, with tart and white flower nuances. The fruity, full-bodied body is harmonized with lively acidity for a refreshing finish. The wine has a fruity, rich body that is balanced by a lively acidity and a refreshing finish. Aged in bottle for 12 months. 11.5% alcohol by volume.

KALDI "Cava Poema Ice (white, sparkling)

The bottle contains 750 ml and is priced at 1,342 yen (tax included).

Original wine glass

KALDI "Cava Poema Ice (white and sparkling wine)" purchase and receive a free wine glass

Now, with the purchase of "Cava Poema Ice (white, sparkling)", you will receive a wine glass that turns pink when chilled with the logo. Size: approx. 6 cm (diameter) x 11 cm (height) (maximum diameter 8.1 cm). The glass has a capacity of approximately 360 ml when full.