Ladurée with plenty of strawberries "Shortcake Ladurée"
(* All images are from the official Ladurée website)

From the Western confectionery "Ladurée" to "Shortcake Ladurée" will be available from November 1st. Christmas collections are also available. Both were announced on the official website.

Shortcake ladurée

Ladurée with plenty of strawberries "Shortcake Ladurée"

At Ladurée, a new interpretation series is being developed, focusing on shortcake, which has been loved in Japan for a long time. "Shortcake Muscat " using grape muscat has been on sale since September, but from November, "Shortcake Ladurée" will appear.

Shortcake Ladurée is a Genoise dough layered with strawberry fruit and strawberry-flavored creme shanti, and is decorated with a gentle pink striped almond paste. The selling price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ 1 person 1,200 yen ・ 4 people 4,980 yen ・ 6 people 7,480 yen

Christmas collection

Ladurée Christmas Collection

In addition, the Christmas collection is open for each store until December 8th. The cakes "Bush de Noel" and "Macaroons" were made under the theme of the French confectionery "Blancmange" using vanilla and caramel.

Bush Blancmange

Ladurée Christmas Collection

The cake "Bush Blanc Mange" is made by layering vanilla-flavored ganache monte, vanilla cream, milk chocolate "Givala" caramel, and vanilla mascarpone mousse on Genoise dough and biscuy jocondo soaked in vanilla syrup. It is decorated with white chocolate flowers with vanilla-scented caramel in the center.

・ "Bush Blancmange" for 4 people 7,000 yen ・ "Buchette Blancmange" for 1 person 1,450 yen

The one-person cake does not include biscuits Jocondo and vanilla-flavored ganache Monte.


Ladurée Christmas Collection

"Macaron" Blanc Mange "" has a vanilla-flavored ganache with caramel in the center sandwiched between the dough. In addition to a single item, a special macaron box with holly branches and gold pine will be prepared. You can choose your favorite pattern from 3 different designs and colors.

・ 1 piece 281 yen ・ 8 pieces 3,310 yen ・ 12 pieces 4,870 yen ・ 24 pieces 9,220 yen

Marie Antoinette

Ladurée Christmas Collection

A cake with roses and raspberries and the name "Marie Antoinette" will also be prepared. Rose-flavored cremeux, framboise confit, framboise, and lychee are layered on the rose macaron dough.

・ "Bush Marie Antoinette Rose Franboise" for 4 people 6,100 yen ・ "Bushette Marie Antoinette Rose Franboise" for 1 person 1,360 yen

The one-person cake does not include the Franboise confit.


Ladurée Christmas Collection

A cake made from chocolate and bearing the name "Louis" is also available. Milk chocolate macaron dough is layered with milk chocolate "Jivala" mousse and cream, crispy fiutine-filled praline, and soft milk chocolate biscuits.

・ "Bush Louise" for 4 people 5,710 yen ・ "Bushette Louise" for 1 person 1,360 yen

Pistash phrase

Ladurée Christmas Collection

A cake "Busiette Pistash Phrase" with the taste of the popular patisserie "Phrase Ladurée" will also be prepared. Pistachio butter cream, strawberry confit, strawberry mousseline, and strawberry butter cream are layered on top of the pistachio macaron dough. This is a new work limited to Japan.

・ 1,360 yen for 1 person

Roll Cake Vanille

Ladurée Christmas Collection

Ladurée's first Christmas roll cake "Roll Cake Vanille" is also available. The Genoise dough is layered with creme patissier with vanilla and coconut, and vanilla-flavored strawberry confit with a Christmas tree motif, decorated with snowflakes and powdered sugar that looks like snow.

・ For 4 people 3,000 yen

Handling differs depending on the store. Details can be found in the catalog posted on the official website of Ladurée.