"Luke's" Kao "Baum" 2nd

From Alvark Tokyo, the second collaboration product with "Katanukiya", "Luke's" Kao "Baum" will be on sale for a limited time on November 14th and 15th. The price is 600 yen (tax included, same below).

Katanukiya's "Tokyo Caramel Baum", which is a hot topic in Tokyo souvenirs, is a flat-baked Baumkuchen that you can enjoy die cutting. The soft 9-layered dough has a bittersweet but plump caramel taste.

The second collaboration product this time is Luke's LINE stamp, which is an unmolded baum. Look forward to seeing which face is in it!

Limited sale at the following home games.

November 14th and 15th 15:05 TIP OFF
Alvark Tokyo vs San-en Neo-Phoenix

The products for sale are as follows.

Luke's "Kao" Baum 600 yen * Limited quantity, 5 types in total (not selectable)
Pandarou no Kata Nuki Baum 540 yen Nya-ko no Kuki Baum 540 yen Inujii no Kuki Baum 540 yen Tokyo Caramel Baum 3 pieces (Pandarou / Nya-ko / Inujii) 1,620 yen