Katanukiya "Love Panda Baum" and "Ribbon Panda

Katanukiya will be selling their Valentine's Day limited edition "Love Panda Baum" and "Ribbon Panda" until early February. There is also a lineup of set products that include each of them. Available at Katanukiya stores, events, and online stores.

Love Panda Baum

This product features an adult panda and a female panda standing side by side. The female panda has a love letter in her hand. The baum dough is a moist cocoa baum with a hint of cocoa. It is not too sweet and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The price is 594 yen (tax included, same as below).

Katanukiya "Love Panda Baum

Ribbon Panda

A panda dressed up with a big ribbon on its chest for Valentine's Day only. A moist and rich gateau chocolat made with flavorful chocolate. You can enjoy the rich aroma and aftertaste of chocolate. The price is 648 yen.

Katanukiya "Ribbon Panda

Drawstring Set (Valentine's Day)

A set of "Panda Drawstring", which is reasonably sized and easy to use, and the limited time offer "Love Panda Baum" and "Ribbon Panda". The price is 1,566 yen.

Katanukiya "Drawstring Set [Valentine's Day]"

Valentine's Day Panda Baum (set of 3)

A set of three containing "Ribbon Panda Baum", "Panda Baum in Love" and "Panda Baum". Comes in a lovely sleeve package with a big ribbon design. Priced at 1,782 yen.

Katanukiya "Valentine's Day Panda Baum (3 pieces)

Panda Collection Box (Valentine's Day)

A set of 6 pieces, containing 2 each of "Ribbon Panda Baum", "Love Panda Baum" and "Panda Baum". Price: 3,780 yen.

Katanukiya "Panda Collection Box [Valentine]".