Katanukiya's Christmas-inspired "Nordicanisse Molded Baum

Katanukiya and Nordika nisse collaborated

to create "Nordika nisse's molded baum" Katanukiya's "Nordika nisse's molded baum" will go on sale in advance on November 14, 2012. The baumkuchen, created in collaboration with Nordika nisse, a Scandinavian wooden doll brand, is a baumkuchen that is eaten while being molded, and is full of Christmas spirit.

What is "Nordika nisse's unmolded baumkuchen"?

Nordicanisse's products are one-of-a-kind wooden dolls made by hand by craftsmen. Nordika Nisse's Nisse, a Scandinavian fairy that brings happiness, is represented in a newly drawn illustration by the designer of Panda Baum and made into a molded baum in collaboration with Nordika design.

Nisse is busy helping Santa Claus with presents at Christmas time. You can enjoy the Nisse as you cut out the molds.

Nordicanisse's Unmolded Baum


The Nordicanisse's Unmolded Baum lineup includes "Nordicanisse's Unmolded Baum (Strawberry) [Santa with a present]," "Nordicanisse's Unmolded Baum (Milk) [Santa with a present]," and "Nordicanisse's Unmolded Baum (Salted Caramel) [Santa with a present]. Baum (salted caramel) [Santa on a sleigh]. The characteristics of each are as follows.

Nordica Nisse's Unmolded Baum (

Strawberry) [Well-Being Santa]

A strawberry-flavored unmolded baumkuchen with a gorgeous aroma and a hint of sweet and sour. Nisse is dressed as Santa with gifts in both hands.

Katanukiya's Christmas-inspired "Nordicanisse Molded Baum

Priced at 594 yen (tax included, same as below).

Nordica Nisse's Unmolded Baum (Milk) [Santa with Present]

A milk-flavored baumkuchen with a rich sweetness and the aroma of milk.

Katanukiya's Christmas-inspired "Nordicanisse Molded Baum

Price: 594 yen.

Nordica Nisse's Unmolded Baum (Salted Caramel) [Santa Claus in a Sleigh]

A caramel-flavored baumkuchen with a little bit of salt to bring out the sweetness. Nisse is dressed as Santa on a sleigh.

Katanukiya's Christmas-inspired "Nordicanisse Molded Baum

The price is 594 yen.

Nordica Nisse's Unmolded Baum"

set of 3. A set of 3 is also available. The simple red color is a perfect Christmas mood. The sleeve is decorated with the Nordika nisse logo and a round-cut window with nisses peeking out.

Katanukiya's Christmas-inspired "Nordicanisse Molded Baum

The price is 1,782 yen.


nisse's molded baum on sale

Date of sale: Available at Katanukiya's main store in Ginza and Katanukiya's official online store on November 14.