tokyo Tulip Rose "Christmas Ricotta o Tulip Rose"

The sweets brand "TOKYO Tulip Rose" will start accepting reservations for Christmas cakes with an original design inspired by a gorgeous flower garden on November 1st.

The popular sweets brand "TOKYO Tulip Rose", which opened its grand opening in Ikebukuro and Tokyo Station in 2019 and sold 500,000 pieces in a month, has released two original design Christmas cakes. The theme is "Flower Garden in the Sky" and "Mont Blanc of Roses".

・ Christmas Ricotta o Tulip Rose
A gorgeous dish that looks like a "flower garden in the sky" where the flowers of the brand symbol "Tulip Rose" are in full bloom. It is a very good "double shortcake" that you can enjoy two flavors at once.

tokyo Tulip Rose "Christmas Ricotta o Tulip Rose"

The first row is a rare ricotta cheese and framboise shortcake. The chef, who was impressed by the freshness of ricotta cheese while traveling to Europe, created this dish with passion. You'll be amazed at the refreshing taste that makes the fork unstoppable! The second stage is a fresh strawberry short that is the ultimate in royal road. The chef has created a dish that he has loved since he was a boy, with a melting taste.

The "Tulip Rose" flower that blooms on the top is also a special Christmas version that is different from usual! Ganache Monte & Ricotta mousse with fluffy air is hidden in the chocolate-style petals. Berry, passion, mango, cafe nuts, 3 flavors.

Name: Christmas Ricotta o Tulip Rose (Limited to 20)
Price: 12,960 yen (tax included, same below)
Size: Diameter 15 cm x Height approx. 15 cm * Height to the top flower Reservation: November 1st December 20th * Registration will end as soon as the limited number is reached Reservation window: TOKYO Tulip Rose Seibu Ikebukuro store Delivery: 12 23rd to 25th of March

・ Christmas Bockli Montblanc A rose Montblanc with densely layered petals like a pinecone, loved by "TOKYO Tulip Rose". Chef Rihito Kanai's original Montblanc will be available in a special Christmas version with a gorgeous berry scent.

tokyo Tulip Rose "Christmas Bockli Mont Blanc"

Strawberry marron with refreshing strawberry and sweet and sour raspberry marron petals are layered in 5 layers to make a rose flower. Rich richness that spreads, sweet and sour scent. Furthermore, the fresh berry jelly and cream melt from the inside. It's a Christmas-only Montblanc that looks and tastes very gorgeous.

Name: Christmas Bockli Montblanc Price: 950 yen Reservation: November 1st to December 20th Reservation window: TOKYO Tulip Rose Seibu Ikebukuro Store Delivery: December 22nd to 25th Over-the-counter sales: December 22nd to 25th / TOKYO Tulip Rose Seibu Ikebukuro Store / Haneda Airport Store