Thirty One White Tiramisu

The flavor "White Tiramisu" will be on sale for a limited time from November 1st at each Thirty One Ice Cream store.

White tiramisu

A flavor that Thirty One arranged the popular classic sweet "Tiramisu" for winter. The combination of white chocolate and mascarpone makes it look like pure white snow. The perfect visual for the winter season.

A blend of cream-colored mascarpone ice cream and white chocolate-flavored ice cream. The mascarpone and white chocolate coat, which pursues deliciousness, melt in a perfect balance.

Combine it with an espresso chocolate ribbon to express the taste of tiramisu coffee syrup and cocoa powder with a bittersweet espresso flavor and chocolate sweetness. In addition, cheese and coffee-flavored rich tiramisu pieces are studded to create a taste that makes you feel as if you are eating real tiramisu.

Product Summary

Product name: White tiramisu Price: Single regular size Reference price 390 yen * Price includes tax. Prices vary depending on the store Sales period: From November 1, 2020. Limited time offer, end as soon as it runs out