Chocolate ball [Do your best Ramune]

From Morinaga & Co.'s "Chocolate Ball" brand, "Chocolate Ball [Ganbaru Ramune]", in which "Morinaga Ramune" is coated with ramune-flavored chocolate, will be released. It will be on sale from November 4th.

The estimated price is 86 yen (tax included), and the content is 25g (0.88oz). Morinaga Ramune is mainly composed of glucose. The name "Chocolate Ball [Ganbaru Ramune]" is based on the desire to study and work hard with Morinaga Ramune chocolate balls for the examination season.

The design of the package depicts Kyoro-chan running hard toward the goal.

A nostalgic and exciting combination of chocolate balls and Morinaga Ramune's long-selling products, it has been launched as a collaboration to support people who do their best. It will be rolled out nationwide for men and women in their 30s and 40s and children.

A new edition of "Toy Canning", which you can collect 1 gold and 5 silver beaks from the chocolate ball package and send to Morinaga & Co., is scheduled to appear in March 2021.