Morinaga "Choco Balls [Kikyo Shingen mochi]" and "Oodama Choco Balls [Kikyo Shingen mochi]".

Morinaga's "Choco Balls" and Yamanashi Prefecture's famous Kikyo Shingen Rice Cake Collaboration

Morinaga's "Choco Balls" brand will release "Choco Balls [Kikyo Shingen Rice Cake]" and "Large Choco Balls [Kikyo Shingen Rice Cake]" on February 28 (Tuesday), inspired by the flavor of Yamanashi Prefecture's famous Kikyo Shingen rice cake, produced and sold by Kikyouya Co. The new products will be on sale on February 28 (Tue.).

The Chocoball brand has been designed to recreate the Kikyo Shingenmochi, which is popular among children and adults alike, by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of each product. The small-sized "Choco Ball [Kikyo Shingenmochi]" and the large-sized "Large Choco Ball [Kikyo Shingenmochi]" offer different tastes.

Choco Balls

[Kikyo S

hingenmochi] The glutinous texture of the gummy is coated with chocolate that is reminiscent of the flavor of Kikyo Shingenmochi. The chocolate is sweetened with a touch of molasses, making it a favorite among children. The small, continuous bite is delicious.

Morinaga "Choco Balls [Kikyo Shingen Cake]".

Contents 26g (0.92oz), open price.

Large chocolate balls [Kikyo Shingenmochi]

These large, chewy, glutinous gummy bears are coated with chocolate reminiscent of the flavor of "Kikyo Shingenmochi". The chocolate coating is made to resemble the flavor of "Kikyo Shingenmochi" and has a strong kinako (soybean flour) flavor, making it a little less sweet for adults. It is a satisfying and filling treat.

Morinaga Seika "Oodama Choco Ball [Kikyo Shingenmochi]".

Contents 45g (1.59oz), open price.

Kikyo Shingenmochi

is a famous confectionery from Yamanashi that is handmade based on the concept of "a taste of the old country. The small container contains three slices of mochi covered with soybean flour and served with special molasses.

Winner of the 2017 JR East Japan Souvenir Grand Prix Gold Award in the confectionery category.
2012- Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for three consecutive years.