Morinaga's funny funny shop
For a limited time!

Morinaga & Co.'s antenna shop "Morinaga's Funny Okashiya-san" will open on the Tomei Expressway EXPASA Ebina (up) for a limited time from October 12th to October 31st.

"PANDARS", which was sold at Tokyo Station for a limited time in February of this year (2018) and became a hot topic due to a series of sold out, is a limited reprint. The PANDARS limited shopper will also be reprinted. The price is 864 yen (tax included, same below).

Morinaga's funny funny shop "PANDARS"

"DARS TOKYO EXCLUSIVE" is a discerning DARS developed to commemorate the 25th anniversary. Three types of "espresso", "cereal & berry" and "apple tart" will be developed. The price is 864 yen each.

Rich dozen

We also have a lineup of "slightly funny sweets" such as limited edition products from "Morinaga's Funny Funny Shop" at Tokyo Station. "Big Dozen Handmade Kit" (1,296 yen) and "Funny Dodeka !! Ramune" (648 yen) will be on sale.