Asahi Soft Drinks "Special product" Mitsuya "Kyoho from Nagano Prefecture" for a limited time

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Special product" Mitsuya "Kyoho from Nagano Prefecture" on October 13th. For a limited time. The selling price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

"Special product" Mitsuya "Kyoho from Nagano Prefecture" is a carbonated drink using Kyoho juice from Nagano Prefecture, which is characterized by its fragrant and rich sweetness. Using "polished water" and "fragrance collected from fruits" that have been repeatedly filtered, the fruit is finished with the "fruit quality manufacturing method" that is particular to the "Mitsuya" brand, which traps the deliciousness of the fruit by suppressing heat. Achieves a taste that feels like a sardine. No preservatives used.

In addition, this product uses a "fruit bottle," a container that directly expresses the feeling of fruit. In addition to making the entire body uneven, the upper part of the container is decorated with peeled peels to express freshly peeled fruits.

Furthermore, this year, "sandblasting (a technology to make fine irregularities on the surface by using an abrasive in the container forming process)" is applied in the container forming process to increase the refractive index of light and further deteriorate it due to light. It suppresses and maintains the quality.