Funawa offers autumn "Imoyokan (sweet potato dumpling) and Anko-dama (bean-jam filling)".
(*Source of the image is Funawa's official website)

Funawa "Sweet Potato Yokan and Anko Balls Tsumetsu

Funawa, known for its imoyokan (sweet potato dumplings), offers an autumn-only "Imoyokan/Ankodama Tsumetsu" (sweet potato dumplings and red bean paste balls). The set includes the well-known imoyokan and seasonal "kabocha" flavored anko-dama (sweet bean paste ball), etc. It can be ordered by mail order until October 27.

The set is priced at 950 yen (tax included), plus a delivery fee. The set includes three sweet-potato Yokan (sweet-potato dumplings). The red bean paste balls include two each of the popular "azuki" and "shiroi nengen," and the limited edition "kabocha," which can only be enjoyed during this season. Details of the contents are as follows

3 sweet potato Yokans
Anko (bean jam) balls: 2 azuki beans
Anko-dama: 2 white beans
Anko-dama: 2 pieces of pumpkin

The set is suitable for both home use and gift-giving, and will be delivered until October 30. The delivery date can be specified within this period. If no date is specified, the set will be delivered on the earliest possible date.

Ankodama Pumpkin is also available by the piece. The price is 108 yen. It is available at Funawa in Tokyo and Saitama as well as Asakusa area. This product is only available until the end of October.