Funawa Spring Only "Anko Beads - Cherry Blossom and Yomogi
(*All images are sourced from Funawa's official website)

Funawa "Anko-dama (bean paste ball) Sakura" (cherry blossom)

Funawa "Ankodama, Yomogi

Funawa announced on its official website that two seasonal sweets, "Ankodama Sakura" and "Ankodama Yomogi," will be on sale until late April. A set of seasonal ankodama and imoyokan (sweet potato yokan), "Spring Limited Sale: Imoyokan/Ankodama Tsumekomi," will also be available for mail order until April 10.

Ankodama is a whole bean-jam candy with a mild flavor and low sweetness. The agar wrapped around the red bean paste is made to pop and roll around. Consumption is until the day after purchase. The price per piece is as follows. The price per piece is as follows, all prices include tax.

Anko-dama: 108 yen (cherry blossom)
Ankodama: mugwort, 86 yen

Stores that carry the product are as follows

Asakusa area
Head office
Kaminarimon Store
Nakamise No. 2 Store
Matsuya Asakusa branch (Sat. and Sun. only)
Kafu Asakusa
Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku
Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro
KAFE Takadanobaba
Kafu Jiyugaoka
Kanagawa Prefecture
Sogo Yokohama
Saitama Prefecture
Omiya Lumine I
Urawa factory store

Funawa "Spring Limited Sale: Sweet Potato Yokan and Anko Ball Assortment

Funawa Spring Only "Anko Beads - Cherry Blossom and Yomogi

The "Spring Limited Edition Imoyokan/Ankodama Assortment" is priced at 950 yen. In addition to sweet potato yokan, it contains azuki bean paste balls, which are a staple of bean paste balls, and seasonal sakura (cherry blossom) and yomogi (mugwort). The flavorful sakura and yomogi fill your mouth with the aroma of spring. The contents are as follows

3 sweet potato Yokan
Anko (bean jam) ball: 2 pieces of azuki bean paste
Anko-dama: 2 cherry blossoms
Ankodama: 2 pieces of mugwort

The expiration date is 3 days including the date of arrival if the delivery address is in Honshu. For Hokkaido and Kyushu, 2 days including the date of arrival. Refrigeration is required for both cases.