Sugar Butter Tree's famous "Plenty of Chocolat Sandwich Yokozuna"

Sugar Butter Tree "Plenty of Chocolat Sandwich Yokozuna

Sugar Butter Tree, a cereal sweets specialty store, will release a Hankyu limited edition "Plenty of Chocolat Sandwich Yokozuna" on October 1. The price is 496 yen for a package of 4 pieces, 1,080 yen for a package of 10 pieces, and 1,512 yen for a package of 14 pieces. The product will be on sale until mid-April 2021.

The best-selling "Plenty of Chocolat Sandwich Yokozuna," which has continued to gain fans every year since its release in 2015 and has sold a total of over 5 million units, is back. This is a very rare item that is not sold even in Sugar Butter Tree's home base, Tokyo. Only in Osaka & Hakata can you find it in stores!

The "Yokozuna" is a Yokozuna in both taste and volume! It contains 1.8 times as much chocolate as the standard sandwich. The special white chocolate made from 100% Hokkaido milk is filled with fine bubbles and puffed up to a soft and fluffy texture.

The stores selling the chocolates are as follows

Sugar Butter Tree Hankyu Umeda Store, Sugar Butter Tree Hakata Hankyu Store, and Hankyu FOOD, the official mail order site of Hankyu Hanshin Department Store