Sugar Butter Tree Burnt Butter Caramel

Sugar Butter Tree Burnt

Butter Car

amel Sugar Butter Tree Burnt Butter Caramel will be available at the official online store "Pakuto Mogu" from April 7, and at Sugar Butter Tree stores from April 21. The bargain pack contains 11 bags and is priced at 864 yen (tax included).

Sugar Butter Tree will introduce a new summer-only "Sugar Butter Tree Burnt Butter Caramel"! A sheet of cereal dough made with the utmost attention to the deliciousness of the ingredients is combined with caramel and baked in a charred baking pan. Caramel powder carefully simmered with Japanese milk and cereal dough soaked in special butter. The two are combined and baked at a high temperature. The result is a sweet and savory caramel with a hint of sugar butter.

One bite and the richness of the burnt butter caramel will overflow. Enjoy it with a cup of iced coffee for a luxurious summer snack time.