Rice and Wheat Matcha Chocolat Sandwich" from Sugar Butter Tree

Sugar But

ter Tree: Rice and Wheat Matcha


Sandwich Sugar Butter Tree will sell "Rice and Wheat Matcha Chocolat Sandwich". The release date is February 1. The price is 864 yen (tax included) for a pack of 10.

Sugar Butter Tree is a cereal sweets specialty store characterized by its special process of combining dough made from a variety of grains with luxurious butter. Sugar Butter Tree, which has been very popular with overseas customers for some time, is now launching a product for foreign visitors to Japan to meet the recovery of inbound demand. Moreover, for the first time in the brand's history, the Sugar Butter Tree combines the dough with "rice," a representative ingredient of Japan. It is a new taste that is different from the previous Sugar Butter Thursdays.

Rice and Barley Matcha Chocolat Sandwich

The dough is made by combining Japanese rice with rye and mustard barley, topped with a generous amount of sugar butter and baked to a golden brown. Inside the dough is a chocolatey sandwich with a rich blend of Japanese stone-ground matcha green tea. Enjoy the unprecedented sugar butter tree with a "Japanese" aroma from both the dough and the chocolates.

Rice and Wheat Matcha Chocolat Sandwich" from Sugar Butter Tree

The following stores will be selling it.
Stores inside international boarding gates at Haneda and Narita airports (after departure area). Only international flight passengers are allowed to enter the area.