Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK store original tumbler

"Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK" produced by Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara will open on August 4th in Shibuya Ward Miyashita Park in the new landmark "MIYASHITA PARK" in Shibuya, Tokyo. The fifth Starbucks park store in Tokyo.

"Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK" is a new style of Starbucks created by Hiroshi Fujiwara's unique ideas. The concept of the store design is "overseas gas station", which features the appearance of a store with a pop and a box in the middle of a vast vacant lot, and a design in which the front and side glass doors are fully opened. A part of the floor is also designed to be green so that the green planting can be connected to the inside of the store, and the structure using the same mesh (wire mesh) used in the facility can be seen as it is. The store concept is strongly reflected.

Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK store

The reason for using this concept is that this store is the only store in a large park, and it is connected to a gas station that exists in the middle of the endless road overseas, and the park, gas station and Starbucks. From the idea that the "uncomfortable feeling" of the combination leads to fun. The balance between the play in the store space and the feeling of openness in the park will enrich the time spent here.

Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK store

Goods such as tumblers sold at MIYASHITA PARK stores throughout the year are also produced by Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara. Five types of bottles and tumblers selected from Starbucks' popular standard products will be featured with the store's ID "MYST" and the Fragment logo, and will appear as the store's original design products. Starbucks' first T-shirt (2 colors, 4 sizes, 6,900 yen excluding tax) is also sold as a standard product throughout the year.

Starbucks Coffee MIYASHITA PARK store original T-shirt