Pringles "Mystery Flavor"

From the molded potato chips "Pringles" series, the popular "Mystery Flavor" released last year is back again this year. The new flavor developed exclusively for Japan will be on sale for a limited time from August 3rd. The price is open.

Pringles "Mystery Flavor" is a new type of potato chips that you can enjoy while anticipating the taste without the taste notation on the package. "Mystery Flavor" has already been released all over the world, but this time it is a newly developed flavor that is different from other countries and is original in Japan. You can enjoy the excitement of not knowing what the taste is until you actually eat it.

It is also recommended to use the taste and aroma as hints to predict what the "mystery flavor" is like with your family and friends as if you were solving a mystery. There is no doubt that it will be talked about at remote drinking parties.

The package has the expression that the Pringles character "Mr.P" thinks, and a large amount of "?" Is designed in the background. You can enjoy a new flavor limited to Japan with the excitement created by the rare package.