Seven-Eleven "Caramel Basque Cheese Cake"
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Introducing new arrival sweets that will be sold sequentially from July 28th at each Seven-Eleven store. Here are 7 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

Mitarashi dango that has a refreshing taste according to the time when the temperature rises. The price is 148 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Chilled Mitarashi Dango"

・ Caramel basque cheese cake [br /] A creamy basque cheese cake that you can enjoy the rich taste of caramel. While coloring the surface, the inside is baked with a moist and smooth texture. The price is 248 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Caramel Basque Cheese Cake"

・ Puru Puru Kuzu Melon [br /] Sweets made by wrapping melon cream using melon juice in a chewy kudzu manju dough. The price is 130 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Purupuru Kuzu Melon"

・ 7 Premium Crispy Chocolate Banana Omlet [br /] A handy dessert made by coating fresh bananas with chocolate and wrapping them in cocoa sponge with chocolate whipped cream that melts in the mouth. The price is 238 yen.

7 Premium crispy chocolate banana omlet

・ 7 Premium Matcha Condensed Milk Ice Shaved ice that is a blend of two types of Uji Matcha from Kyoto Prefecture from Marukyu Koyamaen. You can enjoy the bitterness and astringency of matcha. The price is 138 yen.

7 Premium Creme Brulee Ice Bar

・ 7 Premium Creme Brulee Ice Bar [br /] Bar ice with caramel sauce in custard shaved ice mixed with caramel chips. It is coated with caramel that has a crispy texture. The price is 138 yen.

7 Premium Creme Brulee Ice Bar

・ 7 Premium Matcha Chocolate Bar [br /] A luxurious matcha-made bar ice cream that uses Uji matcha for all of the ice cream, crunch, and chocolate. The price is 188 yen.

7 Premium Matcha Chocolate Bar