Matsuya soft katsudon

A new menu "Warajikatsu" will be released at the Tonkatsu specialty store "Matsunoya Matsunoya". Handling from 3:00 pm on July 22nd.

A new menu that uses a large sword like "straw (footwear made of straw)". The pork is very tender and finished with a special sauce. The volume is so attractive that it sticks out of the plate.

Matsuya soft katsudon

In addition to the simple "Waraji Katsudon" and "Warajikatsudon Mini Udon Set" with mini udon, "Grated Warajikatsu Set Meal" with grated daikon radish and "Miso Warajikatsu Set Meal" with Hatcho Miso-style miso sauce , "Cheese tomato straw katsudon set meal" with special tomato sauce and plenty of cheese is also available. There is also a single item suitable for takeout.

To commemorate the new release, if you order the "Warajikatsu" related menu (excluding single items), you will receive a free rice serving. Limited time until 3:00 pm on July 29th.

Product list

Warajikatsudon (with miso soup) 700 yen Warajikatsudon mini udon set 870 yen Warajikatsu set meal (with rice and miso soup) 750 yen Grated warajikatsu set meal (with rice and miso soup) 850 yen Miso warajikatsu set meal (with rice and miso soup) 850 yen Cheese tomato straw katsudon set meal (with rice and miso soup) 850 yen Single item straw katsudon 550 yen

Matsuya soft katsudon
Grated straw and set meal

Matsuya soft katsudon
Miso straw and set meal

* Price includes tax.
* All can be taken out. Miso soup costs 80 yen separately. Price does not change * Some stores do not handle