Let's support Kyushu by eating Kyushu pancakes

The Kyushu Support Program, "Let's support Kyushu by eating Kyushu pancakes!", Has started at the Kyushu Island Online Shop.

Kyushu was severely damaged in a wide area by the heavy rain and flood damage that occurred in July 2nd year of Reiwa. This support program started with the desire to "enhance Kyushu with food."

If you purchase various types of "Kyushu Pancake Mix" from the Kyushu Island Online Shop during the target period, 10% of the sales will be used to fund activities to support the reconstruction of the heavy rain disaster in southern Kyushu.

Let's support Kyushu by eating Kyushu pancakes

The target products and tax-included prices are as follows. You can also buy 5 or 10 bags of products for each flavor in bulk.

Kyushu pancake 5 types set 2,220 yen Kyushu pancake 6 types set 2,700 yen Kyushu pancake plain 370 yen ~
Kyushu pancake buttermilk 490 yen ~
Kyushu pancake vegetable 470 yen ~
Kyushu pancake sweet potato 470 yen ~
Kyushu pancake whole wheat whole grain 470 yen ~
Kyushu pancake Japanese black tea from 490 yen