Seven "Kinako Japanese Pudding"
I bought "Kinako Japanese pudding" at Seven

I tried "Morinaga Kinako Japanese Pudding" which is on sale at Seven-Eleven. It is a sweet that you can enjoy the rich flavor of kinako from the first bite to the end.

Seven "Kinako Japanese Pudding"
Fashionable design

The selling price is 135 yen (tax included) and the calories are 88 kcal. The gorgeous package is also eye-catching. The container inside is also an elegant design. When you open the seal, you can see the glossy grayish contents like "sesame pudding".

Seven "Kinako Japanese Pudding"
It has a glossy gray color and looks like "sesame pudding", but it has a kinako flavor.

When I scoop it up with a spoon, it feels soft. If you take a look at it, it has a rich and intense flavor of soybean flour. The pudding has strong characteristics such as a thick texture and sweetness, but it feels like you are eating "Shingen mochi" with plenty of soybean flour.

Seven "Kinako Japanese Pudding"
Very Japanese sweets

As you continue to eat, the black honey sauce comes from below. When entwined here, it becomes more and more like a raindrop cake. Even though it was in the form of Western confectionery, it was a fresh experience that the aroma and taste were all Japanese confectionery. Although it is a pudding, it is a dish that seems to go well with bancha or roasted green tea that has been added more strongly than coffee or black tea.

Seven "Morinaga Kinako Japanese Pudding"
When combined with black honey, it tastes like Shingen mochi!