Shine & Shine Mango Lemon

From the straight fruit juice drink "Shine & Shine" series, a new flavor "Mango Lemon 250ml" will be on sale from July 21st in advance of FamilyMart. It will be released to the general public from August 3rd.

"Shine & Shine Mango Lemon" is a blend of sweet and rich mango, a fruit that represents the tropical region, with a refreshing lemon. A tropical flavor perfect for hot summers. Completely additive-free, with 85% straight juice. In addition to the mellow and rich sweetness, it also contains mango pulp. A fruit juice drink that is rich but has a refreshing aftertaste.

In addition, the bottle design of Shine & Shine was based on the opinion that "I can't drink until the end", and the shape that leaves a few drops has been improved so that it does not remain until the last drop.

The average amount of fruit used per bottle (250 ml) is 1.5 for mango, 1 for apple, and 0.5 for lemon. The calorie per 100 ml is 51 kcal.