Ministop "Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait"

"Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait" and "Plenty of Strawberry Parfait" will be on sale from each Ministop store on May 22nd. The prices are 348 yen and 518 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Condensed milk strawberry parfait", which is the number one fruit parfait sold, is now available as "Toyonoka 100%". You can enjoy the collaboration between the soft serve vanilla that was renewed in April, the fresh pulp and sauce using unheated strawberries, and the finished condensed milk.

"Toyonoka Condensed Milk Strawberry Parfait" is a parfait that uses 100% "Toyonoka" for both the pulp and sauce, and is all "Toyonoka 100%". You can enjoy the strawberry flesh and the strawberry sauce that is made by finely grinding the flesh with a mixer. The fresh taste is perfect for new vanilla.

"Plenty of strawberry parfait" is a luxurious parfait that uses twice as much strawberry and sauce as before and is irresistible for strawberry lovers. It contains about 10 strawberries.

Ministop "Plenty of Strawberry Parfait"

A new ministop parfait that is irresistible for strawberry lovers. Check it out!