The first "Sushiro Founding Festival"

At Sushiro, the "Sushiro Founding Festival" has been held since May 15th. Held up to the third edition under the key message "Let's laugh with sushi".

The first "Sushiro Founding Festival" is based in Shizuoka and has a lineup of "natural tuna" products that Sushiro is most confident of in a year, along with the long-established tuna wholesaler "Yasu Suisan" that has been in business for over 60 years. Among them, the attention is "eating comparison of natural bluefin tuna and natural Indian bluefin tuna". This is the ultimate dish of red meat, medium fatty tuna, and large fatty tuna, carefully selected by Yasushi Fisheries, a group of professional tuna connoisseurs. The price is 980 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Sushiro Founding Festival" 1st "Comparison of eating natural bluefin tuna and natural Indian tuna"

Natural Indian bluefin tuna handled by Yasushi Fisheries is recognized by famous tuna wholesalers in Toyosu and sushi restaurants in Shimizu, and is said to "exceed even the main tuna". You can enjoy the difference in taste between rich tuna and Indian tuna, which is characterized by its delicately sweet fat.

In addition, we offer a wide range of products using carefully selected natural tuna, such as "Okiri Natural Bigeye Tuna" (100 yen) and "Natural Indian Bluefin Tuna" (150 yen). You can order it even if you take it home so that you can enjoy it at home. * Some products of the first founding festival cannot be taken home