Okinawa limited "Okinawa Black Thunder"

From Yuraku Confectionery's "Black Thunder" series, Okinawa limited "Okinawa Black Thunder" will be released on May 15th. Sold at souvenir shops at Naha Airport and resort hotel shops in Okinawa Prefecture (excluding some stores). The price is 1,080 yen for 14 bags and 640 yen for 8 bags (both tax excluded).

Okinawa limited "Okinawa Black Thunder" uses Okinawa's specialty brown sugar and Kitatani salt for the cover chocolate while keeping the crispy texture of Black Thunder. A sweet that has a luxurious taste by blending butter cookies.

The package is based on the image of Bingata, a traditional Okinawan dyeing technique. In addition, hibiscus and shisa are added to create a design that can be recognized as an Okinawan souvenir at a glance. The copy is eaten in the Okinawan dialect and uses the words uri, turtle, turtle, and marsand, which mean delicious. It is a regional black thunder that seems to be a great souvenir.